Saturday, February 28, 2015

SXSW 2015 : it's almost time!

This year the SXSW Music Conference will offer attendees a JOB FAIR, TRADE SHOW, GEAR EXPO, GAMING EXPO, HEALTH EXPO, ART EXPO,  Music And Film Festivals plus have plenty of activities for advertising executives, Marketing professionals, Information Technology geeks, nerds and hackers and plenty of barbecue for the many industry members, guest speakers, aspiring artists and entrepreneurs alike. 

last year, more than 150,000 attendees, 30,000 worldwide advertising and marketing creative professionals, 3,000 volunteers and at least 2,000 local, regional, national and international artists have made arrangements to take part in 800+ educational sessions and present in 100 stages and this year promises to be even bigger so stay tuned for a full report from and WPLV24 on those people, products and processes that will enhance our Intellectual Property Monetization theme.

So, how long have you been waiting for your BIG BREAK?

AT SXSW 2015 there are countless networking opportunities to explore that question however, I will highlight a few of the most important to young entrepreneurs and artists ready to MONETIZE their digital content . 

"MONE TIZE" OR SHOULD I say Magnetize....

The Pebble watch company earlier this week RAISED $500,000 in their first 15 minutes of a crowd-funding campaign on KickStarter and finished their first day with almost $10,000,000 million dollars becoming the fastest campaign to reach their funding goal and an ALL TIME SuperStar both in time and sales. Remember that in total for last year there where ONLY 6 million smart watches sold ( between Samsung Gear S, Motorola Moto...) but the Apple watch, which is coming in April is expected to sell 40 million TO EXPLODE the wearables market... so I am not sure if the Pebble watch will survive,  but my point is that regardless, it has found a MAGNET and is capitalizing on it with their CROWD... 

are you?

While the JOB FAIR is a must until you find YOUR MAGNET, It is the TRADE SHOW that brings the biggest crowds since it gives you a chance to experience the latest technology from other entrepreneurs JUST LIKE YOU in the Arts and Entertainment industry for Music, Film, TV, Theater, Gaming and Health.  Why be famous if you are not healthy.

The entire effort is caped by various in-festival events, contests and awards like Start-Up Austin from the Austin Chamber of Commerce. The #SXSWReleaseIT hashtag for short pitches. The Peter Thiels prestigious fellowship program. The V2V Venture Pitch Finally The Film Start-Up Alley and Music Start-Up Village will open the floor to national and international companies.


  •   DataBox - BigData API connector and visualizer
  •   Blab - Consumer conversation predictions
  •   SocialGimpz - Mobile big data measurements
  •   FlipTu - Social media management aggregation platform
  •   OP3Nvoice - Open Source API SDK for audio video search
  •   Tsugi Builder - Cloud mobile app compiler IOS, Android & Unity project ( test/deploy )
  •   AddSearch - Add search to any website for ANY device
  •   Nano Media - Mobile ads NOT 320x50px banners
  •   ViddyAd - Commercially licensed videos and images
  • - Video sharing with reaction shots
  •   Surfly - Surfing the web together
  •   PivotDesk - Office space hosting
  •   PlayCanvas - First cloud hosted 3D game SDK
  •   SonarDesign - Create, share, publish, monetize, promote APPS
  •   Waigo - Cloudless translations
  •   InsideMaps - 3D furniture modeling in home 
  •   ShopStoree - Store virtualization
  •   Ferris - Social video app
  •   Shoto - Private auto cloud photo sharing 
  •   MightyCast - Cloud connecting physical objects
  •   MentorMob - Crowd-sourced learning guides
  •   Artiphone - IOS sensor instrument
  •   Eyeris - Webcam with emotions recognition
  •   PPLConnect - Share cellphone with ANY web device
  •   Skully Helmets - Augmented reality ( AR-1 )
  •   Avegant - Wearable head mounted displays ( the Glyph )
  •   Theatro - Wearable Enterprise Augmented retail SAAS
 GODADDY.COM ( GetFound )
  •   USE it to Host your website
  •   USE it to Build your website
  •   USE it to Get your website/company found
  •   USED with Google, Yahoo, Yelp, FourSquare
  •   USE it to Upload your music and distribute 
  •   USE it to Create playlists for promotional branding and marketing 
  •   USE it to Create merchandising promotions
  •   USE it to Upload your music and distribute 
  •   USE it to Create playlists for promotional branding and marketing  
  •   USE it to Create merchandising promotions
  •   USE it to Distribute unlimited music for $20 a Year
  •   USE it to Distribute on Itunes, Spotify, Beats, Rdio, Deezer, Amazon, Google Play   
  •   USE it to Lower your capital investment on merchandising
  •   USE it to Outsource your merchandising operations 
  •   USE it to Sell merchandise on Spotify and Beats Music
  •   USE it to Manage your inventory
  •   USE it to Mark-Up your merchandise
  •   USE it to Create landing pages with e-commerce for your merchandise
  •   USE it to Process your transactions and fulfill your orders
  •   USE it to Collect your profits
  •   USE it to Manage your customer service   
  •   USE it to Link Songampr page URL to your Spotify and Beats Music
  •   USE it to Crowd-source ideas and content
  •   USE it to Recruit an army for "street credentials"
  •   USED by BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, CNN and ESPN 
  •   USED by PR, agencies, brands, creators, start-ups, film-makers